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Habitat Restoration

New England Cottontail Rabbit

Shrubland Habitat Recently Expanded for Endangered Species

Scarborough, Maine (February 25, 2011)

With Easter around the corner, who wouldn't like to see a few more cottontail rabbits hopping around Scarborough Marsh?

Shrubland habitat along the Eastern Trail recently has been expanded for the New England cottontail rabbit.

These rabbits are endangered, and the state is working along with public, private and non-profit partners to expand and proactively manage cottontail habitat and to grow their population.

Declining migratory birds such as the American Woodcock & the Prairie Warbler also will benefit from these landscape changes.

Work occurred mainly in an area of the marsh behind the Scarborough Industrial Park, off of Manson Libby Road. Inland Fisheries & Wildlife staff monitored the project on-site during the latter half of February, during which patches of trees were cleared to make way for shrub-covered habitat. The Eastern Trail remained open at all times during the work.

MDIFW's fact sheet on the project (PDF)

For more information, please contact Katie Fellows of the Friends of Scarborough Marsh at 883-3837 or Scott Lindsay, MDIFW at 657-2345 x110.

photo by Anne Schnell

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