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If you are a member of a Community Organization, and your organization would like a “Web presence,” we can help. We have the means to provide you with the place to post the information that you want the community to see online. Check it out.


Organization should :

  1. be Not for Profit; (501 C3 certificate not required.)
  2. be civic and civil in nature (in the public interest, pertaining to the general public); and,
  3. serve the people of Scarborough, ME
  4. abide by the Scarborough Crossroads Acceptable Use Policies;
  5. agree to keep organization’s content including graphics under TWO (2) Megabytes.

Access Requirements:

  1. A computer (or access to a computer through the Scarborough Public Library, for example) with full Internet access — either Mac or PC platform;
  2. E-mail account;
  3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload files to the server;
  4. WWW (World Wide Web) browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, to view files created; and,
  5. ability to create a HTML document and FTP it to the Crossroads server.


Scarborough Crossroads Offers Community Organizations:

  1. visibility to the entire community (and the rest of the world) via the WWW;
  2. total control over your content and the ability to update your information remotely and instantaneously;
  3. up to two MB of storage space on our WWW server
  4. FTP access to your own secure directory and password;
  5. Access to web server statistics for the Crossroads site;
  6. Access to CGI (Common Gateway Interface) for running scripts or programs;
  7. Regular backups of all server data;
  8. Training on creating HTML documents and how to FTP your files to the WWW server — various training offered by partnering with an experienced Crossroads member;
  9. distribution of several shareware HTML editors

Other options for HTML creation:

  1. Have someone capable of writing HTML volunteer to create your pages for you.
  2. Contract (pay) a company or individual to create and maintain your pages for you. This information could still reside on the Crossroads server. The latter might include fancier layout not available with your organization’s expertise.


This document covers policies pertaining to Scarborough Crossroads use.

Definition and address
Statement of responsibility and warranty
Membership, sponsorship, and fees
Membership benefits
Assignment and maintenance of Crossroads usernames
Internet access
Accessibility of the Crossroads computer server to non-members
Copyright of information and services
Commercial use
Inappropriate and illegal use


Scarborough Crossroads is a public-access community web server. Scarborough Crossroads is made up of its membership, computer equipment, data, and organizational affiliates. Scarborough Crossroads is maintained and run by Scarborough Crossroads volunteers and is a community service of its member organizations.


Scarborough Crossroads and the Scarborough Crossroads members make every effort to ensure that the materials accessed through the Scarborough Crossroads web server are timely, relevant, and of a high quality. The Scarborough Crossroads web server is connected to the Internet and accessible via the Internet and dial-up telephone lines 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, except as announced online.

However, there is NO WARRANTY GIVEN OR IMPLIED for any quality of service, continuation of service, or accuracy and quality of any information found on Scarborough Crossroads or through Scarborough Crossroads. Neither Scarborough Crossroads nor any of its members offers any guarantee as to quality, timeliness, or accessibility of the Scarborough Crossroads web server or any of the information found there.

Scarborough Crossroads and its organizational and individual members are in no way responsible for any losses or damage caused by the system or any lack thereof. Scarborough Crossroads users release and hold harmless Scarborough Crossroads and all members for any damages or perceived damages that may result from the use of the Scarborough Crossroads web server or any information found there.


General membership

The Scarborough Crossroads membership includes all individual and organizational members.

Organization members:

Organizational members represent organizations that are Scarborough Crossroads Information Providers which have acquired registered usernames for the Scarborough Crossroads web server. Each organization’s interests shall be represented by no more than one official representative.

Sponsoring Memberships

Sponsoring members of Scarborough Crossroads may be an individual, organization, or informal group that have not acquired space on the Crossroads server, but have joined to further the community information mission of Scarborough Crossroads.

Officers and Governing Board

Elected at the first meeting in January shall be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 at large members of the governing board who shall also serve as the nominating committee. Terms of officers shall be one year. In the first year at large board members shall have staggered 3, 2, and 1 year terms.

Duties of Officers

The President shall conduct the monthly meetings.
The Vice-President shall conduct the meetings in the absence of the President.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings and cause them to be posted on the Crossroads web site within 5 days of the meeting. The Secretary shall also prepare the agenda for monthly meetings and post it on the Crossroads site in advance of the meeting. The Secretary shall receive all e-mail requests for information.
The Treasurer shall prepare annual membership billings; forward all membership payments to the Scarborough Public Library which shall act as the fiscal agent for Scarborough Crossroads.

Fiscal Agent

Scarborough Public Library
D/B/A Scarborough Crossroads
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough, ME 04074

The Library shall maintain the Crossroads savings account at:
Maine Bank and Trust
PO Box 6835
439 US Route One
Scarborough, ME 04070-6835
or any other financial institution so designated by the Crossroads Board of Directors.


Member organizations are assessed a $20 annual fee and a one $10 setup fee ($30). Upon acceptance into membership of Scarborough Crossroads fees may be sent to: Scarborough Crossroads, Peter Hansen , Treasurer, 130 Burnham Road, Scarborough, ME 04074

Membership fees are due and payable on January 1 or July 1 as determined by the date of application for membership. Fees will not be pro-rated.

Sponsoring Members

shall pay an annual membership fee of $20. Since personal web pages are not available to sponsoring members, the one-time setup fee will be waived.


Assignment and Maintenance of Scarborough Crossroads Usernames:A “username” consists of an alphanumeric string used to identify organizational members. Generally, usernames may not be changed after assigned, although requests for username changes may be submitted to the Scarborough Crossroads system administrator.

Memberships may not be shared. Member’s usernames may not be shared. Each username has a password which is used to ensure the username may not be misused by another party. Remember your password! Passwords should be chosen which are hard to guess (e.g., not an English or foreign word. Used mixed case and include both numbers and letters).

Organizational members are responsible for all activity which is created by their usernames. This means that members must take care that their password is not discovered by unauthorized persons, and must not allow anyone else access to their username.

Space limits:The Scarborough Crossroads web server has a limited amount of space to store data. Presently members arelimited to 2MB of space. Additional space may be requested for an increased annual rate. Members exceeding 2 MB will be assessed an additionl fee of $10 per 10 MB or fraction thereof.

New Members:: An online procedure is available to apply for membership and receive a new username. After the online portion is completed, the new member must send in the required paper documentation to activate his or her membership. These procedures are described more fully in the online registration process.


A number of resources may be accessed through the Scarborough Crossroads web server via the Internet. [The Internet is a collection of computer networks which connects web servers around the world. Internet resources include electronic mail, databases, information services, mailing lists, and newsgroups.] Links to other online resources are provided at the discretion of the Crossroads board of directors and the webmaster.

Telnet and FTP:General access to the web server through “telnet” to change a password and to the Crossroads file server with “FTP” is currently available for members of Scarborough Crossroads. They are to be used strictly for updating of member pages.


Many of the information areas on the Scarborough Crossroads web server are available to users of other web servers via the Internet. Access is primarily through the WWW. In some cases, access will be “read-only” (e.g., non-members will be able to read the information, but will not be able to contribute to any online discussions that occur.

Non-members who access any Scarborough Crossroads information or service are bound by any copyright limitations associated with that information and are further bound by the Scarborough Crossroads Policy. Any infraction may result in that non-member user (if identified) or his or her entire location or Internet node being denied access to further Scarborough Crossroads information or services.


Unless noted otherwise, ALL MATERIALS FOUND ON THE SCARBOROUGH CROSSROADS WEB SERVER ARE COPYRIGHTED BY THEIR AUTHORS. All persons who access information or services on the Scarborough Crossroads web server must follow appropriate national and international guidelines to insure that copyright laws are followed. They are further obligated to follow proper ethical use for copying, quoting, or otherwise using information or services.

In general, this means that:

Any document appearing on the Crossroads site is owned solely by the creator, even if no explicit statement of copyright is given.

No one may copy, distribute, or sell any of the materials found on the Scarborough Crossroads computer system without permission of the author. In some cases (e.g., to sell or mass- reproduce data), permission of Scarborough Crossroads may also be required.

Quotes of materials must be attributed to the author.

Personal use of copyrighted materials is permitted, e.g., to store or print a single copy for later reference.


Most community information networks adopt a policy with regard to the use of the network for commercial use. The extent to which commercial use is permitted on Scarborough Crossroads is dependent on organizational members and their policies/restrictions; Internet Service Providers and their policies/ restrictions; and the policies drafted by Crossroads members to support its purpose and vision.

Some forms of commercial use of the Scarborough Crossroads web server are encouraged. These include:

  1. Information providers maintaining information areas, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.
  2. Participation in “yellow pages” or other Scarborough Crossroads consumer awareness projects.

The Scarborough Crossroads policy prohibits commercial activity that involves:

  1. selling connections or advertising commercial products using a provided/managed server,
  2. selling commercial products or services directly through using Scarborough Crossroads provided/managed server,
  3. or providing electronic mail accounts for the furtherance of commercial activities as noted above.

The commercial use policy means that neither organizations, businesses nor individuals may use the community server to conduct E-Commerce online. This does not preclude a member linking to their own E-Commerce site on another secure server.Members, may however, provide sales information or listings of its fund raising ventures if sales support the organization’s stated mission. Scarborough Crossroads is not prohibited from recognizing sponsorship activities, creating a community businesss listing, or providing links for to sites that do allow or promote commercial activities.

Other commercial use which is PROHIBITED on Scarborough Crossroads includes:

  1. Mass or individual electronic mailings to Scarborough Crossroads members announcing product availability or services if these data were not solicited.
  2. Accepting any sales orders which would require a secure commercial server such as credit card or COD orders for goods or services.
  3. Any activity which violates the policies of computer networks which the activity employs.

Many computer networks connected to the Internet prohibit commercial transactions, advertising, some types of product support, and other types of correspondence. Organizational members should check with the Scarborough Crossroads system administrator if any questions about acceptable use are identified. In all cases, responsibility for following these guidelines for commercial use falls on the individual and/or organizational member to which the username being used is assigned.


Any usage which is illegal OR not in accordance with proper use as described in the Scarborough Crossroads Policy Document or Acceptable Use Policy may result in immediate termination of an individual’s or organization’s membership in Scarborough Crossroads and deactivation of the associated username.

In the event where such activity is detected or suspected, the Scarborough Crossoads system administrator or his/her agent will make reasonable attempts to contact the member prior to acting.

An appeal process is available and is described in the Scarborough Crossroads Governance Document. In most cases, the member will be eligible to re-apply for membership after one year from the date of membership termination.

Any membership fees or donations will not be refunded or returned in the event of membership termination.