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A: What is the basic purpose of Scarborough Crossroads?

Q: Our Web site is here to encourage local Scarborough non-profit organizations to post information about their activities.

A: Who is eligible to join?

Q: Any non-profit or not-for-profit Scarborough group with an interest in providing responsible civic services to the community can join. 501(c)3 status is not required.

A: What services does Scarborough Crossroads provide to its members?

  • First and foremost we provide an informal setting in which to meet with other local people who are posting Web pages and to share ideas and help in doing so.
  • We also provide a place to post pages – with the advantage of having “www.scarboroughmaine.com” appear in the URL before a given group’s name.
  • And we list all participating groups on our home page which has become a directory of Scarborough community organizations on the Web.

A: Does one have to post pages on the Scarborough Crossroads site in order to participate?

Q: No, a number of groups have pages located on other servers.

A: What does membership cost?

Q: Dues are currently $20 for each organization a year. If a group wishes to use the Crossroads server, there is also a one time set up fee of $10

A: When and where does the group meet?

Q: The third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Scarborough Public Library is our regular meeting time. There is no meeting in July, August, and December. The public is always welcome. If you have an interest in learning more about the World Wide Web but are not affiliated with any particular group, you are welcome. If you have experience with HTML (hypertext markup language) and would like to help others, you are welcome.

A: Does one have to know something about HTML in order to take part?

Q: No, in fact we encourage anyone with an interest in simply learning more about the World Wide Web and how one can use it for sharing community information to come. We try to set up partnerships between those who have some knowledge of Web posting and those who have none.

A: What should one bring with them to a meeting?

Q: All we require is an interest in learning more about your local community and in helping others share their information. If you represent a group with a potential interest in joining we encourage you to bring along some idea of the information your organization wishes to present. For example, do you have a brochure or some other printed material you would like tranferred to the Web?

A: How can one obtain more information?

Q: You can attend one of our monthly meetings. Or you can contact one of our members.